Rhonda Fenwick: WEAVE


Weaving in art and life… Weaving the Cosmos…

“The art of weaving is a profound metaphor for understanding the workings of the universe and our place in it. Through the physical/metaphorical process of weaving, we gain a better understanding of this world and how we as human beings are woven into it. We are bound to our bodies with the fragile threads of earth”.

This slideshow (PowerPoint 15.4Mb) includes images and text concerning 'Women of Great Achievement born in County Durham' research I carried out as part of the D2025 County of Culture Bid.

purple woven material
Purple Counterculture
fabric banner with colourful collage
Infinite Possibilities, WEAVE Banner
Attendees at the Culture County Congregate Fest
D2025 Culture County Congregate Fest held in
Bishop Auckland Town Hall. Work from Rhonda Fenwick,
Diana Raw and Marion Thompson

white textured panel
Weaving the
Cosmos (White
fabric and woven threads
Life Threads