Rhonda Fenwick: Participatory

Pride in Burnham: Creating vibrant communities and making a difference in the community (world)

Burnham is a village with a large population and has more than its fair share of churches, societies, charities, organisations, community and voluntary sector groups. All these are dependent on numerous volunteers to carry out the work, giving their time and talents to make Burnham a better place to live. Most of these people do tremendous work and rarely get recognised for the magnificent job they do.

They all take great pride in our village of Burnham and it was this reason the Pride in Burnham project was established. We thought it important to try to identify those special people who have 'made a difference' in our village of Burnham. It was important to ask as many organisations as possible to help us in our search and there was a great response.

This involved artist Rhonda Fenwick contacting various groups and organisations to invite them to identify and nominate those people who strive to make a difference in the community of Burnham. Who have worked tirelessly for many years to foster good relationships, build partnerships, and create a more vibrant community through their efforts to make Burnham a better place to live.

Each person was nominated by their own charity, school, organisation or Society. Rhonda met with each of the nominated candidates to discuss their work and how they felt they 'made a difference' in the community. Through meetings and interviews with Rhonda the candidates gave an overview of what their work involved, and in their own words gave a biography. They were then photographed, each one enlarged and included in a display beginning in St Peter's church. It is anticipated the display will be shown in other community venues.

Pride of Burnham Booklet (pdf)

Pride of Burnham Poster (pdf)

Eton College Chapel Arts Projects with St Peter's C of E School, Burnham

To create artworks in response to the children's visit to the chapel at Eton College.

Through drawing, painting, photography, collage and printmaking the children will explore and develop artworks inspired by the history, culture and life of the chapel, looking at artists such as John Piper and William Morris. Both of these artists have work installed in the chapel, such as stained glass windows and tapestries.

Climate Change Arts Project: Burnica

TrANSFOrMErs have been discussing the effects of climate change on Planet Earth and what it means for the world's population and especially for their local community. Working together with artists Rhonda Fenwick and Gina Martin with youth leader Karmel Helmy they decided to create a large painting on canvas inspired by Picasso's Guernica. This is one of Picasso's most famous works, which is concerned with the bombing of Guernica and is certainly his most powerful political statement, painted as an immediate reaction to the Nazi's devastating casual bombing practice on the Basque town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War.

TrANSFOrMErs have created Burnica as a way of responding and to highlight the war we are waging on our planet through pollution, global warming, soil erosion, deforestation, and where many millions of people are living in poverty, starving to death, where people in third world countries have more access to mobile phones than to clean water. They have also written a letter to three world leaders to let them know of their concerns about the planet and to ask them to act fast in an attempt to bring about positive changes in a bid to save our world. So far they have had replies from HRH Prince Charles, David Cameron and the Department of the Environment, they await a reply from Barack Obama.

Skin Stories

Skin Stories begins with a film made in collaboration with Janssen Global of the Johnson & Johnson Company.

The following are recordings of interviews I did with three people who agreed to take part in the project: Mavis Adams, Ivy Hughes and David Burridge. They have either got psoriasis or know someone in their family who had it.

Mavis Adams

Ivy Hughes

David Burridge