Travel Documents

New Work for Exhibition for the Bucks Open Studios

Travel has played an important part in my life beginning when, as a small child, my father's work took him to far off distant lands around the globe e.g. Africa, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and so on. Every six months or so he returned home on leave and would tell us lots of interesting facts and stories of his trips to those exotic places.

As a child I found his stories fascinating, and to learn of different peoples and cultures was a time of wonderment. Added to this he'd bring lots of objects and materials back with him as gifts for the family endowing the stories and facts with life. These times all helped to feed and enrich my imagination as I was growing up.

Being in a family where travel was very much part of daily life, my younger brother soon followed in Father's footsteps, it is easy to understand how it affected my thinking and knowledge of the world especially the Middle East. Travel Documents is a new body of work concerned with my experiences, influences and inspiration of these past times and the present. Having travelled quite extensively this work includes ideas, concepts and memories of the places and spaces I have experienced so far in my life. My starting point is Northumberland, and takes in the Middle East, North Africa, USA, Europe and now includes South East England, Scotland and Wales.

My Father gave me a sense of adventure and love of travel, exploring new worlds, meeting different people and seeing new places. Through the mediums of paintings, drawings, photography, collage and prints I have attempted to capture thoughts, feelings and memories of the journeys my Father made and those of my own. Travel Documents is a visual record and travelogue.